Our people



Lynn Shearing, chair

 Prue Fanslow-Brown, Judy Parry, Letitia Parry


Hester Warren, director, privacy officer

Ros Eason, centre manager

Shirley Owen, receptionist

Elizabeth Dubin, fundraising, teacher-tutor network, tutor co-ordinator

Casey McCabe, client records


Rebecca Dowling, registered psychologist, team leader

Samantha Robinson, registered psychologist, assistant team leader

Arlene Ackland,  assessor

Ashleigh Manuel, assessor

Nina McCallum-Clark, assessor

Reisha Bone, assessor

Casey McCabe, assessor

Madison Messenger, assessor

Occupational Therapist


Small Group Classes

Mary Gillies, registered teacher, Dip Tchg, DipSLD

Three Week Intensive Programme


Other programmes

Touch Typing: Janine Bush

Teacher Training Team:  Pam Hampton,  Jenny Walkinshaw, Julia Begg,  Danielle Powell

SLD tutors at the Centre: Ozzie Forsyth, Marguerite Halvorsen, Colleen MacKechnie, Carol Fenwick, Sharon Te Ngaru.

Please contact the office for our certificated teacher-tutors working at the Centre or in the community (a formal SLD assessment is required prior).