Our people


Lynn Shearing, chair

Terri Donovan, Prue Fanslow-Brown, Eleanor Marr,  Judy Parry, Letitia Parry


Hester Warren, director, privacy officer

Ros Eason, centre manager

Shirley Owen, receptionist

Elizabeth Dubin, fundraising and tutor co-ordinator

Ashleigh Manuel, client records


Rebecca Dowling, registered psychologist, Team Leader

Samantha Robinson, registered psychologist

Arlene Ackland, qualified assessor

Ashleigh Manuel, qualified assessor

Nina McCallum-Clark, qualified assessor

Elaine Yeo, qualified assessor

Small Group Classes

Mary Gillies, registered teacher, Dip Tchg, DipSLD

Three Week Intensive Programme

Sharon Te Ngaru, registered teacher, BTchln and DipSLD

Other programmes

Touch Typing: Janine Bush

Teacher training NZQA programme Specific Learning Disabilities: Eleanor Marr, Linda Esslemont, Pam Hampton, Lynley Read, Jenny Walkinshaw, Monika Ritchie, Julia Begg, Zinia Roshan, Danielle Powell

SLD tutors at the Centre: Ozzie Forsyth, Marguerite Halvorsen, Colleen MacKechnie, Carol Fenwick

Please contact the office for our certificated tutors working at the Centre or in the community (a formal SLD assessment is required prior).