Established 2005
Full NZ Primary School Curriculum, adapted to the needs of our children
Junior and senior classrooms
Maximum of 12 students per room, 1:6 ratio
At present three NZ registered teachers plus teacher aides
Holistic and multi-disciplinary approach
Sessions with on-site psychologists and occupational therapist
Visiting art and music specialists
Purpose-built facility
9-2:30 daily


In an ideal world, every student would be able to learn and thrive in their regular school. For the rare occasions when this does not happen, the Jean Seabrook Memorial School may be able to help.

JSMS is administered by the Seabrook McKenzie Trust to cater for the needs of children of primary school age who have severe Specific Learning Disabilities. The aim is to help these children acquire strategies to deal with their specific barriers to learning and then be reintegrated into their mainstream school when they are ready.

The teaching approach includes consolidation of weaker skills using a structured multisensory approach to literacy and numeracy, using the child’s strengths to develop compensatory strategies. Focus is on development of skills rather than accommodation, with the goal of reinsertion into the mainstream whenever, and as soon as, possible.

The school is not intended for children with primary emotional or behavioural problems, intellectual handicaps, primary physical or sensory disabilities, or autism.

All prospective students must have had a full assessment, preferably through the Seabrook McKenzie Centre, to diagnose a Specific Learning Disability in which strengths and weaknesses are highlighted.

“I used to be a snail in a shell but now my shell is on the other end of the world. Spelling and maths was hard but now I find it kind of fun.”

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Exciting day! Christchurch team from Seven Sharp came to meet our students and see our amazing school! Watch this space, we will be world famous in New Zealand one day soon!

Posted by Friends of The Jean Seabrook Memorial School on Monday, April 30, 2018