Until 2021, Seabrook McKenzie Centre offered two NZQA-accredited courses to support (Level 4) and teach (Level 5) individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD).

From April 2023, we will be offering our courses under our own umbrella. For the trainees, the courses will have the same content, delivery, standard, and requirements. These courses are continually evolving in response to new knowledge. They successfully equip trainees with the specialist skills they need to support and/or teach students with Specific Learning Disabilities. We have a history of very positive feedback from graduates.

So from 2023, our courses will be named:

Certificate in Supporting Individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities (Cert Spg SLD)

Certificate in Teaching Individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities (Cert Tchg SLD)

Please email  to express interest or to make further inquiries. The course descriptions, presently labelled Level 4 and Level 5 will be updated in due course.

Benefits of studying with us:
Our courses are delivered at our Centre. You will be face to face with qualified lecturers who are experienced in teaching and tutoring students with specific learning disabilities. The lecture team includes a registered psychologist and occupational therapist.  The small group means you have a chance to learn from each other and have your individual situation addressed by the lecturer. The dates are all weekend or school holiday dates and will allow you to do the course without needing time off from your teaching or teacher aide job. You can also do the course if you are not presently working in a school. The Cert Tchg SLD course qualifies you, if you wish, to be part of our bank of qualified, registered, self-employed tutors and receive referrals from us for prospective students.

Course fees:

Certificate in Supporting Individuals with SLD $600: subject to change

Certificate in Teaching Individuals with SLD $1000: subject to change

Dates: The course will begin in April 2023. The dates will all be days in the school holidays and weekends to allow practising teachers and teacher aides to attend.