Certificate in Supporting Individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities (Cert Spg SLD)

Our Aim:
To provide a framework to understand and identify indicators of SLD, understand challenges encountered by individuals with SLD and help them engage in lifelong learning and achieve their potential. Basic intervention techniques will be provided with emphasis on intervening and supporting individuals in their particular context, including regular classrooms. The course includes 335 hours of lecture and guided activities and 65 hours of practical application and reflective practice, spread over 3-4 terms.

Please note that this course may be more appropriate for classroom teachers who do not have time or opportunity for one to one (or small group) work with a learner.

Teaching Content

Unit 1. Definition of SLD
Covers a brief history of the field of SLD, biological, neurological and information processing correlates of SLD, and the difference between SLD and other learning difficulties.

Unit 2. Characteristics of SLD
Covers specific dysfunctions associated with SLD: attentional, perceptual, cognitive, language, motor and metacognitive and their effect on learning and behaviour, as well as intervention methods.

Unit 3. Intervention & Teaching Principles
A closer look at the effect of SLD on the acquisition of reading, mathematics, spelling, written language, comprehension, organisation and study skills, with an overview of appropriate teaching strategies.

Unit 4. Management Principles
An in-depth analysis of the interface between social /school /work expectations and SLD characteristics. An overview of strategies and measures that can be implemented in the classroom, at home or in other social situations to minimise the effect of SLD on achievement and wellbeing. This will include small practical exercises in small groups based on each participant's area of interest and/or personal context (family, preschool, classroom, secondary schools, tertiary, or workplace)

Unit 5. Practical Application*
This will involve planning, implementing, documenting and evaluating appropriate support measures and/or teaching intervention, based on the identified needs of an individual with SLD in a particular context. The practical component will be supervised by an experienced tutor.

*Considering the diverse background of candidates, the practical component may be organised in different settings. Preference will be given to organising it in the candidate's own setting if this is acceptable to the employer. If this is not possible, it will be organised by the Seabrook McKenzie Centre in the framework of its services to learners with SLD, including its special character school. All policies and regulations of the Seabrook McKenzie Centre will then apply to candidates, who will be given provisional registration for this purpose. This includes requirement for police clearance as required by the Vulnerable Children's Act.

Teaching Format

The course consists of about 14 days of lectures, which include video presentations, discussions, and practical demonstrations, as well as set readings and assignments, spread over 3 -4 terms, with a practical application component in the fourth term. To accommodate classroom teachers, the course runs in block courses during holidays, as well as some Saturdays during term time.

Evaluation & Awards

A candidate will be deemed successful after obtaining an Achieved mark in all the set assignments spread throughout the course, provided attendance has been satisfactory. Successful completion will lead to the award of the SMC Certificate in Supporting Individuals people with SLD.

Enrolment Information

This course is intended for teachers, teacher aides, parents, educators, and professionals coming into contact with people with SLD. The only requirement is an interest in supporting people with SLD.

Applicants are required to return application forms with evidence of their previous qualifications, if applicable. We reserve the right to decline applications.

The Seabrook McKenzie Centre does not accept responsibility for providing any teaching employment on completion of this course.


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