Letters of Recommendation for JSMS

My son Kaden attended Jean Seabrook for 5 years of primary schooling, age 8yrs until he was 13yrs old.  Kaden has ASD and a range of specific learning disabilities.

When Kaden started at JSMS his behaviour was difficult.  He struggled socially, making friends, copying others difficult behaviours and struggled to regulate his mood.  Academically Kaden had very little abilities; he could not write any letters or read any words.  His speech was limited and his understanding was very much unknown.  Both his Dad and I felt concerned about how he was going to progress and if he would ever be able to self-manage and regulate his emotions.

Kaden spent his first 3 ½ years at JSMS in room 1 with Mary as his primary teacher.  I felt Mary not only knew the best way to teach Kaden academically but also had a deep understanding of Kaden’s extra needs.  Mary spent a great deal of time working with Kaden and offered him patience, understanding and no judgement for his behaviour.   Academically Kaden started to understand letter sounds, form letters and read basic words. 

When Kaden moved to room 2 at the beginning of 2018 his behaviour had improved greatly and he was self-managing well.  Alison had great success with Kaden’s learning.  I can see he has made a great deal of progress again academically since moving into room 2.  Alison also had high expectations of Kaden in his self-management and his speech.  This was helpful for Kaden and has helped him progress in these areas.

I would recommend Jean Seabrook Memorial School to any parent wanting a better education and understanding for their child struggling with specific learning disabilities.

Tracey Formosa