Now that your child has been identified as having a Specific Learning Disability, there will be many questions that are likely to worry you. You may need a lot more information to help you understand the difficulties faced by your child.

Although identification is an important first step in helping your child, much is left to be done, and, as a parent, you will have an essential role to play in ensuring your child gets the best opportunities to learn and develop.

Specific Learning Disabilities may not only affect academic performance but are present in all facets of life – from remembering parents’ instructions to personal organisation, communication and more importantly, self-esteem and social skills.

Specific Learning Disabilities are a life-long condition. Some of their manifestations will always be present. However good teaching and good management can dramatically lessen their impact on academic, social and personal development. Understanding and support from family and friends is very important to help and cope with problems whenever they may occur.

Moreover; many teachers still have very little training in the subject, and you are likely to have to become an advocate and information service for your child. To ensure that your child receives the help he/she needs, it is important that you know as much as possible about SLD, its causes and consequences.

Parent Forum

The Parent Forum is a group for parents and caregivers of children who are connected with this Centre. It is currently in abeyance. Support meetings are held mid-week in the evening, at least once a term, and may include free discussions, guided discussions, information evenings, videos, etc. There is no cost for parents; however it would help if you let us know in advance if you intend to come to a meeting, so that we can arrange a venue appropriate to the size of the group. Notices will be sent by email, where possible, otherwise by phone.

Parenting Course

Survival, Management and Advocacy Skills.

This course aims to help parents to develop a better understanding of the effect of SLD on their children’s behaviour and the impact this has on the whole family.

It will explore a range of strategies to deal with these effects, including coping with stress, managing behaviour, teaching essential skills, dealing with schools and other agencies.

Please contact us to express interest as courses will be scheduled from time to time.

  1. Parenting course Introduction What is SLD
  2. Stress and Coping
  3. Social Skills and Self-esteem
  4. Communication and Social Skills
  5. Child Misbehaviour
  6. Parenting Strategies
  7. Advocacy

A psychologist, teacher, or our Liaison Officer may be available to come with you to meetings with the school or other agencies to act as an advocate for your child.