We want to help children (and by extension their families) to build resiliency and develop an ability to self-manage their emotions, responses and anxieties. This is important for any child that has a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) as they will have many more difficulties to face than the ‘average’ child. For children with severe SLDs, such as the children who attend our school and those we assess, the difficulties are even more challenging. We aim to provide children with strategies that enable them to live happily, participate socially with their peers, and achieve academically in mainstream schools. Improving their literacy and numeracy is only part of the solution. Seabrook McKenzie provides a full intervention that meets the needs of each individual through Psychological Support, which is provided here at Seabrook McKenzie by Rebecca and Samantha.

Children with SLDs often have high anxiety levels and behavioural problems borne of their frustration at not being able to learn or communicate or ‘be the same as everyone else’. There are very particular problems and emotions that accompany a diagnosis of SLD and having psychologists with a specialty in Child and Family psychology to help is enormously beneficial for these families.


Counselling options can be discussed with parents of children with SLD, or for adults with SLD, who have previously been assessed. 


Our psychologists and interns are available to discuss any behavioural, emotional, or social concerns encountered by a client who has had a previous assessment. This session may include follow-up options and intervention options if appropriate. 

Social Skills

Designed for 10 to 12 year olds who lack self esteem and social skills, this course is delivered weekly for a term in small groups (usually 4 to 6 children). It is based on positive self imaging, confidence building, team work, experiencing success, recognising and dealing appropriately with feelings and forming friendships.

These courses are organised from time to time depending on demand and funding available.


Please contact the centre by phone or email if you wish to explore these opportunities.