The 3-week intensive course is a specifically designed individualised programme to strengthen the underpinning weaknesses which are preventing the student from reaching his learning potential. It is recommended by testers as a result of an assessment or reassessment, or recommended by a SLD tutor after a series of specialist tuition. The student will be given "homework activities" to be completed with a supportive adult to consolidate the learning. Preference is given to students who don't have easy access to a trained SLD tutor. The goal could be to enable the student to quickly regain confidence, or to boost progress if the student is significantly behind their peers. It is not a school programme. Teaching is one to one and individualised according to the recommendations in the student's SLD report. The final session includes a retest. The Intensive Course is held every week day morning from 9am to Noon at the Seabrook McKenzie Centre, with limited afternoon hours if needed.

Please email for more information. The course is designed for students with a formal diagnosis of a Specific Learning Disability that may, or may not, include dyslexia. Since its inception, the Centre has advocated for a systematic, sequential, multi-sensory, direct approach to teaching literacy.