What we do

The Seabrook McKenzie Centre provides thorough and comprehensive assessment and assistance for those . The Seabrook McKenzie Centre team of qualified professionals consists of psychologists, occupational therapists and specialist teachers.

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Mission and Vision:

Vision Statement:

A world where those with learning difficulties experience success.

he ao e angitu ai te hunga e uaua ana te ako

Mission Statement:

To support the education, employment, social development, legal rights and quality of life of people with Specific Learning Disabilities.

Statement of intent:

* Acknowledge the uniqueness of individuals and celebrate our differences.

* Foster a sense of belonging as well as facilitating mastery, leading to independence.

* Treat everyone with good manners, respect and common courtesy.

Ma te whiritahi, ka whakatutuki ai nga pumanawa a tangata.

Weaving together the realisation of potential