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3 Week Intensive Course

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The Three Week Intensive Course is designed to enable students to quickly regain confidence or boost progress,

if they are significantly behind their peers.

It is different to a school programme, in that teaching is one to one and individualised .  It is specifically designed for the individual, to strengthen weaknesses preventing the student from reaching their learning potential.  The student will be given homework activities to be completed with a supportive adult to consolidate learning.


Parents receive a written account of the activities undertaken in the Intensive, results of  any formative testing or standardised testing, and suggestions for next steps. 


Students can be recommended by:

Preference is given to students who don't have easy access to a trained SLD tutor,

Day and time

Usually 9:30 am to 12:30 pm every week day.  


The sessions are held in our purpose-built facility at

Seabrook McKenzie Centre, 68 London St. Richmond, Christchurch.


To request a 3 Week Intensive Course please email us.  

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