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Our Supporters

As a charitable trust, the Seabrook McKenzie Centre is able to provide all of our services at lower cost to our clients.


This is only possible through the support we receive from grant organisations, previous clients, and the general public.











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We would like to thank everyone

who has helped us over the previous year, including

A B de Lautour Charitable Trust

A C E Shacklock Charitable Trust

Advance Ashburton Community Foundation

Air Rescue & Community Services Limited

Akaal Foundation

Aotearoa Gaming Trust

Blogg Charitable Trust

The Burrows Bros Charitable Trust

The Canaan Foundation

The Charles Duncan Charitable Trust

Chenery Memorial Trust

Christchurch Casinos Charitable Community Trust

Christchurch City Council

The David and Genevieve Becroft Foundation

David Ellison Charitable Trust

(administered by Public Trust)

E B Millton Charitable Trust

The Elizabeth Ball Charitable Trust

Estate of Daniel Albert Hally

(administered by Public Trust)

Glenice & John Gallagher Foundation

Harcourts Grenadier Avonhead

John Ilott Charitable Trust

Jones Foundation

Keith Laugesen Charitable Trust

The Kingston Sedgefield Charitable Trust

(administered by Trustees Executors)

The Kirby Trust

Kiwi Gaming Foundation

Lamar Charitable Trust

Lion Foundation

Mainland Foundation

Margaret Hutchings Charitable Trust

Mauger Charitable Foundation

Maurice Carter Charitable Trust

The Michael Synnott Charitable Trust

National Assistance Fund


New Zealand-South Pacific Kiwanis Foundation Trust

One Foundation

P & R Whitehead Charitable Trust

PF Charitable Foundation

Philip Brown Fund

The Phillip Verry Charitable Foundation

Pub Charity Ltd

The R D Butland Charitable Trust

Rano Community Trust

The Sage Trust

Sir John Hall Charitable Trust

South Canterbury Trusts

(administered by Perpetual Guardian)

The Toassist Charitable Trust

Wendy Sisson Charitable Trust

Withiel Fund

You can read more about the difference grants and donations make in our newsletters.

How to donate


Bank account:

Seabrook McKenzie Centre, ANZ Christchurch, 06 0257 0253986 00.


Please let us know you are making a donation by emailing, so that we can thank you and send through a receipt. We truly appreciate your support and all funds go towards keeping our fees down for families.

The Centre is incredibly grateful for these generous grants and donations—without this support we would not be able to keep our doors open.

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