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Arts Therapy


Arts therapy uses creative modalities within a therapeutic relationship to improve and inform physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Creative modalities may include:

  • visual arts-making

  • drama

  • dance/movement

The reason it is called “arts therapy” rather than “art therapy” is because of the different arts that are used to help people.


Arts therapy differs from traditional arts-making or performance in that the emphasis is on the process of creating and making meaning, rather than on the end product. The arts themselves are considered to have healing functions that arts therapists seek to harness to assist their clients to achieve change.

The Therapist

Arts Therapy is provided by Kate,  a registered Arts Therapist who specialises in supporting young people aged 5-18 years with mental health, learning difficulties, and developmental delays. Kate is self-employed and runs her own business from our Centre. 

Kate discovered creative arts therapy in the final year of her undergraduate degree in Design in Applied Visual Arts. Creative arts therapy combines her passions for the creative arts and supporting people.

As a therapist, she bases her practice around the humanistic approach of person-centred therapy. Her philosophy is that the client is the expert in their world, and as their therapist, is to support them in their journey to better themselves and give them tools they can use.

She enjoys learning to play the guitar and involves herself in many sports, including hockey and cricket. She loves to spend time drawing or painting and getting creative herself. She gravitates towards nature and enjoy walking in the Port Hills.

Further information is available on her website.


Contact Kate directly on 027 673 4999 or


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