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Professional Development

Once trained, we provide ongoing support including professional development to SLD (Specific Learning Difficulty) teacher-tutors.  

Ongoing professional development is needed for trained teacher-tutors to maintain a Seabrook McKenzie Centre practising certificate,

providing ongoing referrals for tuition. 





We regularly review the latest research, our training programmes, feedback from learners, teachers and staff to ensure teachers are equipped with what they need to continue to improve outcomes for learners.  Learning is shared via several professional development opportunities and additional training courses.

Practising Certificate

Practising Certificates need to be renewed every 3 years by earning enough points through professional development which includes points for satisfactory teaching.  Teacher-tutors must also have a current Police Check.


The format for gaining points includes:

  1. Observation of Teaching (Compulsory)  

  2. Seabrook McKenzie directed Workshops 

  3. Seabrook McKenzie directed Professional Development Meetings 

  4. Seminars – Attendance at these are to be verified by the centre as being applicable to enhancing SLD Teaching 

  5. POD Meetings 

  6.  Member of Information Delivery Team at Workshop

  7. Consultation with a Centre selected Senior Teacher, regarding teaching methods, lesson planning, etc 

  8. Satisfactory retests – one per year 

  9. Mentoring a Trainee  

  10. Attending school meetings to support your student

  11. Self-directed personal development

Observation Lesson

Lessons are able to observed by members of the Teacher training Team and invited specialist teachers. 

Police Check

Police Checks are initiated by the Centre on receipt of your application to renew your Practising Certificate unless you have a current NZ Teacher Registration.

Teacher responsibilities

It the responsibility of each teacher to:

  • Keep a record of their professional development and inform the Centre

  • Renew your Certificate when it expires

Renewal procedure

To renew your Practising Certificate please email:

  • A list of your points and evidence where applicable

  • A copy of the Observation Lesson

  • A copy your current NZ Teacher Registration if available

Area Network POD Meetings

Area POD meetings are a great way for teachers regularly network with others in their area.  


Meetings are available for:

  • Secondary school teachers

  • Christchurch teachers

  • Wanaka area teachers


Register your interest here.

Annual Workshop

Our annual Teacher-Tutor workshop is typically held in the

July school holidays


This face-to face-workshop covers a range of relevant

topics and is a fantastic way for teachers to stay up to

date and network with peers and trainers.


Email us to register your interest.

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