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Occupational Therapy Assessments

Many children with SLDs may also have motor coordination and sensory difficulties.  


The Seabrook McKenzie Centre is currently unable to  provide additional specialist assessment and intervention when required.

What is Occupational Therapy?

An Occupational Therapist (OT) is skilled in using a person's occupations and interests as a means for therapy. Play is a child's primary occupation, so we use this to frame and motivate the child toward sensory-motor goals.

Specific Learning Difficulty Occupational Therapy involves working with children who present primarily with motor planning, coordination, and sensory difficulties, often apparent during the performance of everyday skills like handwriting, dressing, ball skills, and sequencing activities. Social interaction, following daily routines, managing changes, and regulating behaviour are also frequently reported as challenging, affecting the child’s ability to engage in preschool or school.

Therapy is often clinic based; however, home, school, and community based concerns are addressed as part of the overall assessment and intervention process.


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We currently refer clients to Socially Speaking:

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