Every course is tailored to suit the student, based on their current SLD assessment report, diagnostic testing done on the first 1-2 days of attendance and on-going response to the student’s needs. On the final day a retest is done by the intensive teacher which can show progress.

Any long term benefits cannot be guaranteed as there are too many variables, but we can guarantee that we use evidence-based methods that should be continued. This Science of Reading Youtube clip explains the reasons for our methods.

However, to maximise any gains, parents can attend the sessions to learn how to best help their child learn: especially in teaching literacy in a structured, explicit, multi-sensory way. Parents should share the retest report with anyone who will work with the student. They should also share the lesson summary which will describe in detail what was done, resources used and the next steps for a teacher, teacher aide or parent to follow. Schools are often not resourced to give targeted one-to-one instruction so it is important to engage a qualified SLD tutor to continue instruction for your child if you can.